Prospine started as a metal mold manufacturer, so we have both equipment and technology to fabricate precision molds. Specifically they are cutting process, grinding process, electric discharge machining and thermos mechanical treatment by a vacuum furnace etc. This technology is also utilized to manufacture magnet products.

In addition, we developed new technology for the magnet products.

They are surface treatment to prohibit stain, design of magnetizing yoke, evaluation methods, magnetic field analysis and so on.  

Our featured technologies are as follows.

・Magnetic analysis technology

・Heat treatment of hysteresis material

Magnetic analysis technology

We have been deepening the analysis technology to enhance the simulation accuracy since we introduced magnetic field analysis technology. The left figure is the analysis model for soft magnetic material, and the right figure shows the analysis result and the measured value. It is said that the magnetic field analysis of soft magnetic material is difficult. However our analysis result is almost the same as the measured value.

We have been developing the products to satisfy customer’s needs based on this analysis technology.

analysis 3D.JPG
Analytic value.JPG

Heat treatment of hysteresis material

We developed magnetic material uniquely and achieved high quality to meet the customer’s requirements. The left figure

shows a characteristics example of the material developed by the optimum aging treatment condition and the original composition, and the right figure shows the characteristics of electromagnetic brake developed using this material.

We can meet a wide range of requirements by enhancing torque characteristics based on the material improvement.

Magnetic characteristic2.JPG
Implementation evaluation2.JPG

As stated above, we have been developing excellent magnetic products with the combination of our present technology and acquired technology.




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