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Our company was established in 1978 as metal mold parts manufacturer. And our sophisticated technology can make it possible to produce Erg’s highest grade camera platform. After the withdrawal of Erg, we have been producing and selling that platform under the name of Prospine.

At the beginning of 2000s, we started developing non-contact power transmission mechanism using attraction and repulsion force of magnet. The development utilized present technology of mold manufacturing and newly developed technology for analysis, magnetizing, measurement and so on.

We are now developing and manufacturing non-contact power transmission mechanism like magnet gear, magnetic-/electromagnetic-brake, magnetic clutch and so on under the brand name of Prospine, which is the same as our company name. At present our products are widely used in a variety of fields.



Advantages and applications of non-contact power transmission mechanism

 The non-contact power transmission mechanism not only solves the problems such as vibration, wear, heat generation, lubrication, but also has the following merits like power transmission through wall, torque limit function, easy attaching and detaching, large tolerance for declination and eccentricity.   





Application fields are widely spread and are conveyance in a clean environment, energy related fields, consumer products, train/automobile, fiber/ tape manufacturing, robots and so on.

If you apply “Prospine” in your machine, your design capability will become flexible without considering the condition of the traditional mechanism.





Prospine started as a metal mold manufacturer, so we have both equipment and technology to fabricate precision molds. Specifically they are cutting process, grinding process, electric discharge machining and thermos mechanical treatment by a vacuum furnace etc. This technology is also utilized to manufacture magnet products.

In addition, we developed new technology for the magnet products.

They are surface treatment to prohibit stain, design of magnetizing yoke, evaluation methods, magnetic field analysis and so on.  


Our featured technologies are as follows.

・Magnetic analysis technology

・Heat treatment of hysteresis material


Magnetic analysis technology

We have been deepening the analysis technology to enhance the simulation accuracy since we introduced magnetic field analysis technology. The left figure is the analysis model for soft magnetic material, and the right figure shows the analysis result and the measured value. It is said that the magnetic field analysis of soft magnetic material is difficult. However our analysis result is almost the same as the measured value.

We have been developing the products to satisfy customer’s needs based on this analysis technology.

analysis 3D.JPG

  Analytic value.JPG



Heat treatment of hysteresis material

We developed magnetic material uniquely and achieved high quality to meet the customer’s requirements. The left figure

shows a characteristics example of the material developed by the optimum aging treatment condition and the original composition, and the right figure shows the characteristics of electromagnetic brake developed using this material.

We can meet a wide range of requirements by enhancing torque characteristics based on the material improvement.


Magnetic characteristic2.JPG   Implementation evaluation2.JPG


As stated above, we have been developing excellent magnetic products with the combination of our present technology and acquired technology.


Our products are now used in a variety of applications.

We will show you several application fields with final products, and actual and potential components used in the products.



Conveyor for packages and parcels



Electronic, food and medicine manufacturing

Conveyor in clean room

miter_ex2.JPG    miter_w2.JPG   linearslide_w.JPG



Generator for train speed meter

train_w.JPG              ci_w.JPG

Test equipment for engine

engine_w.JPG   brake_w.JPG    clutch_w.JPG


Fiber and film production

Glass fiber tensioner and film tensioner

 fiber_w.JPGfilm_w.JPG   elecmagnetbrake_w.JPGmagneticbrake_w.JPG



Small hydropower generation

hydropower_w.JPG     coupling_w.JPG


Generation by renewable energy

再生可能エネルギー.JPG   magnetgear_w.JPG



Consumer products

Mixer and bread kneader

mixer_w.JPG kneader_w.JPG    coupling_w.JPG




Underwater exploration robot

 001.JPG      coupling_w.JPG



Robot for welfare or disaster

ロボットアーム.JPG       coupling_w.JPG   ci_w.JPG


We have several items under development and will show you them with our development capability soon.


 MOVIES (check out product samples!)




MP series 


Use two magnets and magnetically joint them at 90-degree angle to change the direction. In this mechanism, the transmission ratio is in 1:1. two types of miter, “Cylinder&Cylinder” and “Disc&Cylinder”, are available. Please contact us for “epoxy electrodeposition coating”.




  • Space saving narrow pitch
  • Used high performance magnets


Disc&Cylinder  (Patented)

  • Since the area of contact between the disc and the cylinder magnet is larger than the double-cylinder type, more efficient torque is achieved.
  • No shaft bending
  • Easy torque adjustment


Cylinder & Cylinder Disc & Cylinder
Cylinder&Cylinder.png Disc&Cylinder.png



ML series  (Aluminum)


Use two cylinder magnets and magnetically joint them at 90-degree angle to change the direction, which is similar use as MP series. Two sizes in the picture below were available in this series. These miter gears are impervious to external vibration and misalignment. The price of ML series is lower than half of MP series that became possible by changing the materials, the yoke to aluminum and the magnet to plastic magnet. No almite is treated on the product.

Plastic yoke type is discontinued.






CP series


Place two cylinder magnets oppositely and magnetically join them. One transfers the torque to the other in 1:1 ratio. The followings are advantages of CP sereis.

  • Quick-release
  • Easy centering
  • Safe by a torque limiter function
  • Use like a lossless torsion spring
  • Transmit power to an isolated area parted by non-magnetic material,such as  aluminum, stainless, wood etc...


CP Sereies
CP series 2.png



CI series    -Coaxial cylinder- 


Place two 18-pole cylinder magnets concentrically. One transfers power to the other in 1:1 ratio.

  • No thrust force
  • Transfer torque with absorbing a vibration in the axial direction
  • Safe by a torque limiter function



CO series   -Parallel axial cylinder-


Place two 18-pole cylinder magnets parallel. One transfers power to the other in 1:1 ratio.

  • Quick-release
  • Safe by a torque limiter function


CI Sereies   CO Sereies 





Coupling - Special order products


Plastic-Covered Couping
  • Acid-resistant (Plastic-covered coupling) 
  • Easy attaching, detaching and centering
  • Torque limiter function
  • Power transmission through wall





Stainless-Covered Couping
  • Water-resistant
  • Used in medicine and food production
  • Easy attaching, detaching and centering
  • Torque limiter function
  • Power transmission through wall



Ratio Gear ( Patented )

  • Ratio gear line.pngSimple installation
  • Safe by a torque limiter function
  • The torque is able to transfer to an isolated area



Ratio gear
Ratio gear.png



Rack and Pinion

This is not a conventional rack-and-pinion. This is a magnetic one that has many advantages over a mechanical gear.

  • No wear no dust
  • Lubricant-free
  • No heat between parts
  • Improve cleanliness using Prospine products on the motor
  • No rocking motion



Rack and Pinion
Rack and Pinion.png



Linear Slider ( Patented )

Prospine linear slider is a linear actuator with magnet gears that ball screw rotates without contact. It is best for a use in a clean room since there are many advantages as with other magnet gears.

  • No wear no dust
  • Lubricant-free
  • No heat between parts
  • Improve cleanliness with Prospine products on the motor
  • Unnecessary to connect a power cable with the operation block, which leads to a total cost reduction.
  • Extendable sliders



Linear Slider




A magnet brake with a torque limiter, there are two types of brakes available, “Eddy current” and “Hysteresis” in diameter 47 and 100 each. There are some good points below.

Brake shadow.png 

  • No wear no dust
  • Long-life operation without torque decreasing
  • Adjustable torque level
  • Simple installation
  • No wire


Eddy current brake         

This brake has no friction and no deterioration. Eddy current generates torque, which mechanism makes the brake non-contacted structure.


Hysteresis brake

Hysteresis was used in this brake and maintains amount of brake torque constant no matter how much revolution given. The volume of torque is adjustable by changing the location of the magnets' poles. These products are used especially in processes of film manufacturing, wrapping and bottle capping etc…


   ブレーキ.JPG       brake-drw.png


Prospine Co.,Ltd.    

(formerly Shoei Engineering Co.,Ltd.)   


Address: 117 Shinsenkarita Tsugihashi Matsuyama Osaki-city, Miyagi-pref. 987-1305 Japan

Telephone: (81)-229-54-1320

Facsimile: (81)-229-55-4340




We provide custom-made products including design, analysis and manufacturing services. To offer products that suit your specifications, we have a wide range of variation in material surface treatment and sizes of magnets. We select the best-suited way of treatment and magnets as per the usage. The influence of magnetic and electric fields of the surrounding area is able to be calculated by the analysis software before the trial production. We perform a quality check meticulously with a wide variety of measurement devices, for magnetic flux density, torque and more. You can also ask us for RoHS compliance if it is required. We also jointly conduct developments as per your request.

We are always trying to improve customer satisfaction in many fields, and we are proud and confident with our services and products.



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